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Year 11 Exam Timetable

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Date Start Time Title Duration
Weds 26th April9.30amDance Performance/Choreography3h 30m
TBC9.00amDrama PerformanceAll day
Thu 11th and Fri 12th May9.00amArt & Design External AssignmentAll Day x 2
Mon 15th May9.00amMusic U1: The Music Industry1h
Mon 15th May9.00amTravel & Tourism U1: The UK T&T Sector1h
Mon 15th May9.00amReligious Studies B Ethics 11h
Mon 15th May10.00amReligious Studies B Ethics 21h
Tues 16th May1.15pmBiology Unit 1 1h     
Weds 17th May9.00amConstruction U1: Construction Technology1h
Weds 17th May9.00amICT1h 30m
Thurs 18th May9.00amChemistry Unit 1 1h     
Fri 19th May9.00amSpanish Unit 1 F/H Listening 25/35m 
Fri 19th May9.45amSpanish Unit 3 F/H Reading 35/50m 
Fri 19th May1.15pmThe Theory of PE1h 30m
Mon 22nd May9.00amEnglish Literature 11h 45m 
Mon 22nd May1.15pmGeography Spec B Unit 1 1h     
Weds 24th May9.00amBusiness45m
Weds 24th May1.15pmPhysics Unit 1 1h     
Thurs 25th May9.00amMathematics Paper 1 1h 30m
Fri 26th May9.00amEnglish Literature 22h 15m 
Mon 5th June9.00amHistory B Paper 1 Medicine1h 15m 
Tues 6th June9.00amEnglish Language 11h 45m 
Tues 6th June1.15pmGeography Spec B Unit 2 2h     
Weds 7th June9.00amPrinciples of Computer Science2h
Thurs 8th June9.00amMathematics Paper 21h 30m
Fri 9th June9.00amBiology Unit 21h     
Fri 9th June10.00amBiology Unit 31h
Fri 9th June1.15pmBusiness1h 30m
Mon 12th June - Fri 16th JuneTBCEnglish L145m
Mon 12th June9.00amEnglish Language 21h 45m 
Mon 12th June1.15pmHealth and Social Care1h
Tues 13th June9.00amMathematics Paper 31h 30m 
Weds 14th June9.00amChemistry Unit 21h     
Weds 14th June10.00amChemistry Unit 31h     
Weds 14th June1.15pmHistory B Paper 2 Germany1h 15m 
Thurs 15th June9.00amPrinciples of Child Development1h 30m
Thurs 15th June9.00amFurther Maths Non-calculator1h 30m
Thurs 15th June1.15pmReligious Studies B Philosophy 11h
Thurs 15th June2.15pmReligious Studies B Philosophy 21h
Fri 16th June9.00amPhysics Unit 21h     
Fri 16th June10.00amPhysics Unit 31h     
Mon 19th June9.00amFurther Maths Calculator2h
Tues 20th June9.00amHistory B Paper 3 Impact of War1h 15m 
Weds 21st June1.15pmDance1h 
Mon 26th June9.00amDesign and Technology:Product Design Unit 12h