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Staff List 2016

Senior Leadership Team 
Mrs A Healey Head Teacher
Mr A Wylie Deputy Head Teacher
Mr A Booth Assistant Head Teacher
Mr G Hillyard Assistant Head Teacher
Mr D Watkins Assistant Head Teacher
Mr D SandhuTrust Director of Data and Achievement
Mrs T HoughOperations Manager
Directors of House 
Miss H Lake Director of House - Animus
Mrs S Reid Director of House - Robus
Mr D Wood Director of House - Virtus
Mr D WrightHead of House - Certus
Mrs L Albon Catering Manager
Mrs W Ambrose Inclusion Manager
Miss M Ballin Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Banks English
Miss M Beecroft Science
Mrs L Blasco-Albelda Subject Leader MFL
Miss E BrownMaths – KS3 Co-ordinator
Mr D BurrowsSubject Leader PE
Ms M Chambers English KS3 Co-ordinator
Mrs J Chapman 2nd in Charge Maths
Miss L Charles Teaching Assistant
Mrs K CorahHouse Support Officer
Ms S Crosby Lead Teacher Humanities
Mrs C Cumberpatch SENCo
Miss L Duke Library Assistant
Mr K Eddyshaw PE Tutor
Mrs L Ford Lead Cover Supervisor
Ms K FowkesHead of Girls PE
Miss D Gray 2nd in Charge English
Mr A Giles Teaching Assistant Music
Mr S Gillott Subject Leader Music
Ms D Goodacre House Support Officer
Mr R Harbour 2nd in Charge Technology
Mr J Hayes Faculty Leader Technology
Mrs J Hazzledine Art Technician
Mr G Healey Maths
Mrs M Heseltine Student Receptionist
Miss L HowardScience
Miss S Hough Library Manager
Mr J Hunt Website / VLE Co-ordinator
Dr W Inglis Faculty Leader Science
Mrs N Johnson Subject Leader Drama
Miss S Kandola Subject Leader PSHE
Ms M KnowlesEnglish / Child Development
Miss C LewisMaths
Miss N LewisSubject Leader Geography
Miss K LiDesign & Technology – KS3 Co-ordinator
Mr K Lowry 2nd in Charge Science
Mr T Luckhurst Faculty Leader World Studies
Miss T Lucyszyn Reprographics Technician
Mrs J Martin Science/Food Technician
Mrs D Meats Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Mott Lead Learning Mentor
Miss E Murray Head of Faculty English
Mr L Myerscough Technology Technician
Mrs K NavarroHouse Support Officer
Mrs M O'Dowd Administrator (SEN/HoH)
Mrs P PancoustHouse Support Officer
Mrs G Perry Design & Technology
Mr A Pinkett Lead Teacher Science
Miss L Poundall Design & Technology
Mrs K Raynor First Aid/Welfare
Mr J Reynolds Teaching Assistant
Mr G RiceMFL
Mrs N RobinsonScience
Miss K SargentCover Supervisor
Ms S SandersonEnglish
Mr W Slowikowski Catch Up Numeracy Co-ordinator
Mrs V Smith Data Assistant
Ms M Stokes Project Officer & Careers
Ms H StrandbergScience – KS3 Co-ordinator
Mr D Tebbs Faculty Leader Expressive Arts
Ms D Turner Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Walsh Science Technician
Miss L WatsonPE
Mrs S Webster Data Manager & Exams Officer
Miss S Wheeler Senior Science Technician
Mrs S Wilson Receptionist
Mrs S Wright Office Manager & PA to the Head Teacher