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Eat Well Parent and Pupil cooking course



​Eat Well Parent and Pupil cooking course, next course starts Tuesday 13th January, 3pm for 5 weeks.

This course is funded by Nottingham City Partnership and will run for 5 weeks.

If you have a child at  the Oakwood Academy and are interested in adult learning, please contact


National Biology Week

From 13th to 17th October, the Oakwood Academy celebrated National Biology Week in style, with a huge range of activities and competitions based on the biology of living things. Our Bio Bake-off competition asked pupils to bake a novelty cake in the style of something biological that they had learned in lessons. The competition was judged by Mrs Healey and Miss Poundall and was won by Dayna, 8APi with her fantastic eyeball cake.

Pupils from years 7, 8 and 9 took the national Biology Quiz which asked challenging questions from naming mythological creatures to the number of chromosomes that whales have. The Oakwood Academy had joint winners, Joe, 8SGt and Kuba, 7OWi who each scored 89%. Well done to both.

For our older pupils, we have given a taster of some of the exciting practical experiments that pupils would normally experience in Biology A-level. Biology is a fascinating A-level and crucial for pupils who plan to follow a range of scientific careers from nursing, to pharmacy to Zoology. The highlight of these practical classes was a rat dissection led by Mr Phillips and Miss Howard.

Mr Phillips said, “National Biology Week is an opportunity for us to help our pupils develop a love of the subject and to learn beyond the curriculum in school. We have had some fantastic participation which now lays down a challenge to other subjects!” biologyboys.png



World Homeless Day

There was a distinct “autumnal” feel to Friday evening as I drove back round the ring road and returned to school. The temperature gauge read 10 degrees and the rain was considerable in its bursts. I wondered “How many of the twenty five pupils that signed up, will turn up?”

We set the hall up in preparation (and anticipation!) for the nights activities. As Mr Phillips, Mr Luckhurst and I finished moving all the tables and chairs around (making lots of noise) Miss Jones became aware of a “knocking at the door”. All twenty five pupils had turned up with sleeping bags, spare clothes and enough sweets to sink a battleship!

We set straight into it in the hall and read some extracts from a book called “Stone Cold” which is about a homeless boy. We then looked at some reasons that people can become homeless and created a short drama performance to demonstrate these. The plays were excellent and all received a strong round of applause. It’s now 10pm and the tiredness is setting in... for the staff (the pupils are well elevated on Skittles). Time for the next phase of the night. Miss Kandola was very busy in the Food room preparing a very tasty soup for us to experience a ‘soup kitchen’. We lined up to receive our soup in a polystyrene cup with a spoon for the chunks. All warmed up and ready to brave the cold part.

We moved outside and prepared our respective bedrooms. The boys outside A block and the girls outside B block. With all the necessaries in place it was down to a sleeping bag race to determine who the best was! Each side fielded its very best athletes to the line. Each competing inside the most cutting edge of sack racing technology. The whistle blew and out came the teams keen to dominate the event. In the end the girls comprehensively schooled the boys with a clear and decisive victory. Down to the sleeping part of the event. The rustling of bags of sweets subsided and pretty much everyone was asleep by midnight with the occasional stirring. The temperature continued to fall to about 5 degrees and the clouds cleared away to leave us a dry night. Everyone survived the night and most were awake by 7am. Mr Phillips provided everyone with a “now legendary” cup of hot chocolate to get us all back up and running.

Staff and pupils experienced just twelve hours of these conditions and all understood the purpose of the event. We raised over £500 for Framework in Nottingham. A huge thanks to Gary from Carillion who opened the school and stayed with us.

Mr Mckee

homeless1.jpg homeless2.jpg