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What is our uniform?

All students are required to wear school uniform. It is designed to be smart, serviceable and inexpensive. It creates a sense of belonging, and reduces arguments at home about what is or isn't acceptable dress for school.

The wearing of uniform is strictly enforced. However, a few students attempt to bend the rules, and the vast majority of students who do abide by the regulations see this as unfair. We look to our parents to support us by ensuring that their child leaves home wearing the correct uniform.

Below are the non-negotiable items of school uniform expected to be worn by all students.

Currently there are two places you can buy Big Wood School uniforms from:

Just Schoolwear based in Bulwell and Schoolwear Solutions based in Mapperley.


Ties and shirts

Prefect uniform Standard uniform Plain white shirt NO polo shirts
Regular Animus House TieRegular Robus House TieRegular Virtus House Tie

Trousers, skirts  and socks


Black school trousers should be in a traditional 'loose fitting' trouser style and not tight fitting. Denim/Denim Style, stretchy tight materials or 'skinny' type trousers are not acceptable. Trouser legs should have the capability of covering a school shoe. Socks should be plain black.

Black knee length skirts are permitted but must be accompanied by plain black tights. Skirts should be made from a conventional material and not stretchy fabric.


Plain black shoes of a conventional material which can be polished. No trainers are permitted.

Ankle boots are acceptable so long as they are completely black and completely covered by trousers. Students are not permitted to tuck their trousers into their ankle boots. UGG style boots or knee boots are not acceptable for school.

Body and facial piercings are not permitted. No more than the following may be worn:
  • One pair of studs, one in each ear
  • One watch
    Extreme hairstyles are not permitted this includes but is not limited to vivid colours, very short shaved hair, tramlines and patterns.
    Baseball caps are not permitted to be worn in school or on the school premises. Sensible headwear may be worn in inclement weather but must not be worn inside the buildings. Headwear worn for religious reasons must be plain black.

    PE Uniform
    We ask that all pupils bring full kit for all PE activities and that they are dressed safely. This means that:


    • Trainers or appropriate footwear are always brought to school and worn properly in PE lessons.
    • Long hair must be tied back.
    • No jewellery should be worn in PE. This includes watches, rings, necklaces and earrings.
    • False nails or very long nails should not be worn at school and are wholly unsuitable for PE where they could cause injury.

    Pupils who are unable to abide by these straightforward rules will not be allowed to participate in PE and where appropriate, other sanctions will be set.

    If pupils bring a note from home to excuse them from physical activity in PE, we will still expect your son/daughter to change into their PE kit. They will be given a coaching role in the lesson, with reduced physical activity as appropriate. The exceptionto this rule is pupils with casts or medical dressings which prevent them from changing their clothes.