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Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable

Mock examinations and the preparation and revision for them are crucial to students to achieve their best in their final exams. We have a provisional mock examination timetable which can be used as an initial guide to the pressure and intensity of an exam period. Teachers will be using classwork, homework, interventions to prepare students properly for their mocks. Students are advised to utilise the links to Revision Central provided on this webpage as a revision resource.

Date and timeTitleLocationRevision Resources
Mon 6thMarch 8.45amEnglish Language 1Sports HallEnglish Revision
Mon 6thMarch 1.00pmGeography Spec B Unit 1 Sports HallGeography Revision
Tues 7th March 8.45amBiology (Triple 2+3, Core/Add 1+2)Sports HallBiology Revision
Tues 7th March 1.00pmGeography Spec B Unit 2 Sports HallGeography Revision
Wed 8th March 8.45amEnglish Language 2Sports HallEnglish Revision
Wed 8th March 11.20amDanceE002/4Dance Revision
Wed 8th March 1.00pmPE (Y10+Y11)/Child DevSports Hall

PE Revision

Child Development Revision

Thu 9th March 8.45amMaths 1 (non calc)Sports HallMaths Revision
Thu 9th March 1.00pmBusiness Studies Unit 1Sports HallBusiness Studies Revision
Fri 10th March 8.45amMaths 2 (calc)Sports Hall Maths Revision
Fri 10th March 11.20amConstruction/RS B602Sports HallConstruction Revision
Fri 10th March 1.00pmBusiness Studies Unit 3Sports HallBusiness Studies Revision
Mon 13th March 8.45amEnglish LiteratureSports HallEnglish Revision
Mon 13th March 1.00pmSpanish U3 H/F (R ) + U1 H (L )/HSC Sports HallSpanish Revision
Tue 14th March 8.45amChemistry (Triple 2+3, Core/Add 1+2)Sports HallChemistry Revision
Wed 15th March 8.45amPhysics (Triple 2+3, Core/Add 1+2)Sports HallPhysics Revision
Wed 15th March 1.00pmHistory B - GermanySports HallHistory Revision
Thu 16th March 8.45amMaths 3 (calc)Sports HallMaths Revision
Thu 16th March 1.00pmICTSports HallICT Revision
Fri 17th March 8.45amRSB603+B604/Product DesignSports HallProduct Design Revision
Fri 17th March 1.00pmComputer ScienceSports HallComputer Science Revision
Mon 20th March 8.45amDrama/ECDLDrama RoomsDrama Revision
Mon 27th March 8.45amDance Practical/ECDLDrama RoomsDance Revision
Tues 28th March 8.45amArt & DesignArt RoomsArt Revision