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Reach for the Stars!

Every student has a target level (Years 7 to 9) or target grade (Years 10 and 11) for each subject. These are called the MAG (Making Attainment Grade).
We test students each half term to check that they are on the right path to meet their target by the end of the year (for Years 7 to 9) and by the final exams for Years 10 and 11. If a student is on the right path, we say a student is making ‘expected progress’ towards their MAG. If a student is working below target, we put a plan in place to close the gap as quickly as we can. If a student is working at a level or grade above their target, they are on course to achieve their MAG or even better!
We take progress very seriously. Transforming your learning will transform your life! In fact, we’d like to reward students who are making very good progress and we want those students to feel very proud.