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Can you become inter-speller?
A list of the 50 most common spelling mistakes in pupils work, from across the school, has been compiled to create the ‘Inter-speller Competition’. The competition is open to everybody from years 7 to 11, but entries are limited to one per half term. In order to gain ‘inter-speller status’ you must sign up for a test at pupil reception with Mrs Wilson. When you attend the test, if you score 50 out of 50 correct spellings you will receive the Inter-speller Bronze Award and prize, which includes 500 Vivos. Anyone who takes the test, but is unable to achieve 100%, will receive 1 Vivo per correct spelling written: there are prizes for everybody who takes part.
Being a confident speller is a life skill, we want to help pupils improve their spelling accuracy, not only for their school work and exams, but also to help them be confident spellers for life.
Congratulations to all our Inter-Speller winners, Heather (10KED), Rhya (10KED), Anna (10KED), Holly (7MRO), Leah (7SCA), Olivia (7HRO), Lewis (9LBR), McKenzie (7SCA), Ella (7SCA) and Malachi (9DWR).