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Pupil Development Programme

What is the Pupil Development Programme (PDP)?

The PDP offers a formal way to champion and celebrate the leadership skills our Students develop in and out of school, requiring Students to create a portfolio in which they gather and upload evidence to showcase their skills. They grade their work using a self-assessment framework that covers ten core skill sets, grouped into three themes:

  • Developing myself
  • Working with others
  • Contributing to my community

The attached grid shows the ten core skill sets that will be covered.

Award principle grid

Students will start their Award at Bronze level. During term time, Ms Stokes will run an after school club on Wednesday, 3pm in the Library offering support and guidance. Half termly, Students will take part in a workshop during PSHE working on a unit or as part of their self-assessment.


A step by step guide for students

The PDP is an accredited programme run by the SSAT (, once your child has completed each section this will be moderated in school and then sent for accreditation.

If you would like your child to be part of this programme, or would like more information please contact Ms Stokes in school.