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At The Oakwood Academy, we believe that learning to spell is important and in the new National Curriculum correct spelling is stated as a key objective in all subjects.

Many parents have asked how they can support their children with spelling at home. This webpage has been designed to help! When we write we have to consider a number of aspects:

  • We need to know what the purpose of our writing is and for whom we are writing.
  • We need to think about the content and what form our writing will take, for example, is it a shopping list, a report, a letter to a friend, an email?
  • We then need to think about the structure appropriate to the purpose and form of our writing – the use of sentences, paragraphs and punctuation.
  • We then select the vocabulary that will best convey our meaning.
  • And finally we think about how to spell the words we write.

Children can find writing a real challenge; they need encouragement, support and praise for their efforts. You can best support them by encouraging them to write on every possible occasion, praising their efforts and, importantly, by letting them see you writing whenever possible. You can play word games with them (e.g. I spy, Find the word puzzles), you can point to interesting or new words as you read to your child (without interrupting the flow of the story) and you can compose emails together.

Reading Strategies Work Sheet


Word Walls

Here you will find all the major words in each subject to help your child with spelling:

Generic 1Generic 2Generic 3ArtD & TDrama

All files are print friendly PDFs.