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Business Studies

Business Studies is currently taught by:

Mrs Lewis - Business Studies Teacher

Mr Wright - Business Studies Teacher / Head of Certus House

Studying Business will prepare you for virtually any career by equipping you with financial understanding, organisational ability, marketing knowledge and communication skills to present your ideas logically and clearly.

The principles of business underpin every shop, office and organisation in the UK economy, ensuring you will have expertise valued by employers in all sectors.

Course Outline
Students will follow the GCSE Business Studies Course from Edexcel. It gives budding young business men and women the opportunity to study aspects which underpin the fundamentals of owning, running or operating within a business. It enables students to use an enquiring and critical approach to distinguish facts and opinions, build arguments and form judgments to acquire entrepreneurial success.

It also allows students to look at national and global businesses and what makes them successful as well as how different stakeholders interact with businesses.

The course comprises three main units as described below.

Unit 1 Introduction to Small Businesses
The unit contains five topics which consider how businesses ideas are arrived at, how businesses are operated and what makes a successful entrepreneur. It also examines factors which help entrepreneurs decide on business location and target markets and what they need to do to appeal to potential customers and consumers.

Finally students will develop their understanding of the economic context of the business.

Unit 2 Investigating Small Businesses
This unit allows students to put into practice the skills learnt in units 1 and 3 and apply them in a business context. Student will be offered a range of questions from which they select one question to focus on. They will research the business, apply subject knowledge to it and produce a written report.

Unit 3 Building a Business
This unit primarily focuses on some of the operational aspects of running a business such as
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Financial Management
  • Meeting customer needs
  • The wider world that affects business
Unit 1 – A 45 minute multiple choice examination. This is worth 25% of the final grade.
Unit 2 – Controlled assessment. A research task under supervised conditions. This is worth 25% of the final grade.
Unit 3 – A 90 minute examination at the end of the course made up of multi-choice, short essay, and extended essay questions plus a data analysis task.

Progression/Further Study
Pupils have a range of options after GCSE for example A-Level Business, vocational courses, apprenticeships or work experience placements.