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Design and Technology

Design and Technology is a popular and highly enjoyable subject at The Oakwood Academy where, due to our superb facilities, we are able to be innovative and adventurous in our work.

The courses in the Chestnut Block begin gently with skill development, technical practice and teacher supported activities. Through the exam courses, as levels of knowledge, experience and confidence increase, work becomes more independent as students learn to identify their own projects, carry out research and development, before planning and realising their selected outcome.

At Key Stage 4, students will choose one material area, the choice is Food, Textiles or Resistant Materials. Students will study this material area for the two years of the course.

Students acquire knowledge, skills and understanding which will enable them to design and make a commercially viable product in their chosen material area.

The course of study and the "hands on" activities happen in one of the 3 focus areas: Food, Textiles or Resistant Materials.
In each of these areas students follow a similar course structure leading towards Designing and Making 'Quality Products'. Students will undertake activities involving ICT, CAD/CAM, Industrial Applications, Good Working Practices and Product Evaluation. The making of products in some areas may require contributions towards the cost of materials. For example: Food.


Controlled Assessment – 60% (A major project undertaken in class)
Written Examination at the end of Year 11 – 40%

Progression/Further Study

This GCSE will enable students to proceed to qualifications at A Level and Level 3 vocational qualifications in Art and Design providing a pathway to Higher Education.