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Drama is currently taught by:

Mrs Johnson - Subject Leader Drama
Miss Lake - Drama Teacher / Director of Animus House
Mrs Reid - Drama Teacher / Director of Robus House

In Drama we use lights, camera and action to combine creating, rehearsing and performing skills. Students work together in groups and use thinking skills to develop their acting and technical ability.

Drama gives you the opportunity to explore the relationship between performer and audience. Students study different acting styles and learning about different types of theatre in order to develop their own performance skills. There will also be chances to explore particular drama texts and develop skills as an actor, designer or director to create performances.

The Key Stage 3 Drama Curriculum is designed to offer the opportunity for pupils to develop their performing skills and abilities thoroughly. Students study relevant and interesting topics, such as;

  • Year 7 Topics – Introduction, Scripts, Wailing Well, Rosa Parks, Eyam Plague and the Secret Formula
  • Year 8 Topics – Haunted house, Our day out, Titanic, Joy riding, Is it a problem? and Stuck

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