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GCSE Dance

The course is ideal for students who wish to specialise in dance. Students will develop their knowledge and technique, and experience life as part of a dance company. Students will need to have a genuine interest in all aspects of dance and performance including attending productions. Students will need to work individually and as part of a team. Students will need to meet deadlines and be responsible for their own rehearsal schedule. Review and analysis of productions and performances is an integral part of the course. Students will need to keep an up to date theory portfolio and practical journal. There are three main areas of study:
  • Set phrases through a solo performance
  • Duet/trio performance
  • Solo or group choreography – a solo or a group dance for two to five dancers
Dance appreciation
  • Knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills
  • Critical appreciation of own work
  • Critical appreciation of professional works
Performance – Externally moderated – 40 marks (15 marks for set phrases and 25 marks for duet/trio performance. This currently accounts for 30% of the overall grade.

Choreography – Externally moderated – 40 marks. This currently accounts for 30% of the overall grade.

Dance Appreciation – Written exam: 1 hour 30 minutes – 80 marks. This currently accounts for 40% of the overall grade.

Progression / Further Study
A-Level Dance leading to study of Dance at Degree level in Higher Education; Dance can lead to a career in the theatre and dramatic arts and the entertainment industry.