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Key Stage 4 Drama (5DR01/2)

At Key Stage 4, if students opt to study Drama as an option, they will enjoy an extended programme of study, building on the issues explored in Key Stage 3.

Drama is both a written and practical subject and is assessed in both areas, broken down into three components for the overall full GCSE.

You need to be comfortable in front of an audience and confident in your writing.

Students will learn how drama is created and how to create drama. Students will focus on acting and staging skills that are needed to put a piece of drama on the stage; how to create characters, how to act as characters in different performances; and learn many techniques that will enable them to identify with many different roles and portray them confidently. Students will be encouraged to see as many theatre shows as they can and explore and evaluate a selection of plays and performance texts through written reflections, essays and structured questions.


Component 1 - Devising – Coursework (40%) Create and develop a devised piece from a given starting point. Written evidences analysing and evaluating the process – 2000 words maximum.

Component 2 – Performance from Text – Assessed by Visiting Examiner (20%) Perform two key extracts from a performance text.

Component 3 – Written Examination – (40%) 1 hour 30 minutes Theatre Makers in Practice Drama Performance

Section A – Practical exploration and study of one complete performance text.

Section B – Two questions analysing and evaluating a live performance pupils have seen

Progression/Further Study

Drama, Performing Arts, Media and Theatre Studies from A-level to Post Graduate at College and University. Many organisations target graduates from Performing Arts courses. The skills taught are highly valued by employers across a broad range of sectors.

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