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Key Stage 4 Music (21512E)

At Key Stage 4, if students opt to study Music as an option, they will enjoy an extended programme of study, building on the issues explored in Key Stage 3.

Music is both a written and practical subject and is assessed in both areas, broken down into three components for the overall full BTEC.

At Key Stage 4, there are four units in BTEC Music and students must complete them all.

Students will be expected to be musicians, to play an instrument and be serious about their work. They learn about musical language and explore the elements underlying the organisation of sound, through listening to music, performing individually and in a group, composing and appraising music.


1. Listening
Identifying musical elements, history, instrumentation and theory skills through an aural examination. 20%

2. Composing and appraising Music
One composition linked to an annually announced area of music showing strands linked to musical elements. 20%

3. Music
Performance a) One for 'Individual Performance'/'Technology based Performance', lasting no more than five minutes, and b) One for 'Group Performance', lasting no more than five minutes. 40%

4. Composing Music
Compose one piece of music which explores two or more of the five Areas of Study. This may be in any style or genre of the candidate's choosing. 20%

Progression/Further Study

A-level to Post Graduate at College and University. Many organisations target graduates from Performing Arts courses. The skills taught are highly valued by employers across a broad range of sectors.

Period 6 is usually on Mondays from 3pm to 4pm.

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