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Religious Education

Course Outline

What really happens in our world? Why are there wars? Should we have nuclear weapons? What makes a person into a terrorist? How can our conflicts be reconciled?

This course explores the most important questions humankind has asked since the beginning of time and offers several explanations. The whole course focuses on our world, what it is like, how we respond to it and whether religious beliefs have something to offer to it in the 21st century.

The course has a very issues focused approach. It covers issues such as family life, punishment, crime, justice, terrorism, war, peace and the environment. If you want to develop your own views, express them and compare them to others then this course is perfect. It is also perfect for those of you who want to learn more about our world and appreciate what other people believe.

Throughout the course you will develop an understanding of two religions as well as non-religious views. All of the questions and exams you will study will focus on religious and non-religious views about particular issues and events. For example;

  • How should we respond to terrorist threats?
  • Is it ever right to go to war?
  • What does family mean?
  • How can we respond positively to suffering?
  • Is marriage out of date?
  • What happens to us when we die?
  • How important is human life? Is it sacred?

This is a great course. It’s great for thinking, expressing, developing and even broadening our world view. It has plenty to offer you for the 21st century and I know many of you will have a lot to offer to it.

Religious Studies also offers opportunities for:

  • Debate and discussion
  • Active research into relevant and up to the minute discoveries
  • Investigation of human nature


Assessment will be based on three examinations at the end of the three year course.

Progression/Further Study

AS/A-Level Religious Education (see College prospectus or website for GCSE grade requirements). Religious Education teaches skills that are very valuable for the study of many subjects at a higher level.

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