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Course Title – GCSE Spanish

The new GCSE Spanish course has been developed to help students of all abilities to develop their language skills and to be able to manipulate the target language to communicate effectively.

There is a wide range of engaging topics to focus the students on real world situations so the MFL Department works to create as many authentic situations as possible for the students to develop their language skills.

The qualification consists of 4 papers covering the skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking. Each of those exams papers will account for 25% of the final mark. The exams will be differentiated into Foundation Tier and Higher Tier.

Subjects / Modules

There are four topic areas which will be covered to prepare students for the listening and reading exams. These feature common scenarios set in a country where Spanish is spoken. All students will cover the following content regardless of their chosen themes for the speaking and writing units:

  • Identity and Culture - General interests, leisure activities, family and friends, lifestyle, healthy eating and exercise.
  • Local area, holiday and travel - visitor information, weather, local amenities, accommodation, public transport, directions, cafes and restaurants, shops, dealing with problems.
  • School – subjects, school issues
  • Future aspirations, study and work- internet language, job advertisements, job applications and CVs, school and college, work and work experience.
  • International and global dimension- the environment, youth problems, music events, sports events, campaigns.


Speaking – 25% of the mark. Three tasks.
  • Task 1 is a role-play
  • Task 2 is a picture to talk about and some questions related to the picture
  • Task 3 conversation on two topics. Topics are chosen by the student the Exam Board.
Writing – 25% of the mark. The Foundation Tier has three extended tasks and a translation from English into Spanish and the Higher Tier will have two longer extended tasks and a translation from English into Spanish (word count will vary between FT and HT).

Listening – 25% of the mark. Section A with instructions in English and Section B with instructions in Spanish

Reading – 25% of the mark. Section A is set in English, Section B is set in English and Section C will be a translation from Spanish into English.

Progression / Further Study

Since September 2016 our students will be able to progress to study Spanish at A-Level at the Redhill Academy or any other college they choose to select. Spanish can also be used for modules of other courses such as Travel and Tourism and can work with any other subject as a complementary skill or as part of a job requirement.

Period 6 is usually on Mondays from 3pm to 4pm.

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