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Maths is currently taught by:

Mr Sandhu - Faculty Leader Maths/SLT Secondment
Mrs Chapman - Second in Maths
Mr M Appleton - Maths Tutor
Miss Brown - KS3 Co-ordinator
Mrs Healey - Headteacher/Maths Teacher
Mr Healey - Intervention Teacher
Miss Lewis - Maths Teacher
Miss Moore - Maths Teacher
Mr Tsemo - Lead Practitioner
Mrs Walker - Maths Teacher

In years 7 and 8, students will follow the 'Singapore Mastery curriculum', which focuses on three guiding principals; Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract.

This teaching approach tackles unfamiliar topics by first introducing familiar, everyday objects to students (the Concrete), then moves them onto a key representation, such as the bar model (the Pictorial), before finally introducing the written question (the Abstract).

Students will spend much longer on each unit of work, to give them time to 'master' the basics before moving onto more complex problems. This style of teaching will introduce them to much more problem-solving, deeper-thinking problems, developing this important set of skills, in readiness for moving through to Key Stage 4.

Students are assessed at the end of each half term, allowing their progress to be closely monitored and assessed more accurately. As a result, we can address any issues quickly and effectively and can also celebrate successes on a regular basis.