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Physical Education

At The Oakwood Academy, we believe that PE encourages opportunities for students to be creative, supportive and competitive and face up to challenging situations both as individual and in groups.

Physical Education is currently taught by:

Mr D Burrows - Head of PE - Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator
Mr K Eddyshaw - PE Tutor and School Sports Co-ordinator
Ms K Fowkes - Head of Girls PE (Second in Department)
Mr T Pitman - Teacher of PE
Mrs L Watson - Teacher of PE

Course Outline
The Key Stage 4, all students must study Core PE. The PE / games programme at The Oakwood Academy follows National Curriculum guidelines. The programme delivered offers breadth and balance.

All students in Years 9, 10 and 11 will follow a programme that allows them to participate in a range of different sporting/games activities. Students will have up to two lessons per week.
Students should participate in frequent physical activity establishing good practice for the future to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

There are no formal assessments or examinations in this course.

Progression/Further Study
This course should improve student fitness and provide opportunities to participate in activities that they can continue when they leave The Oakwood Academy either at a recreational or competitive level. This could be done through a local club, society or simply with friends/colleagues.

Additionaly, students can opt to study GCSE PE as an option at Key Stage 4.

Course Outline
This course will prepare learners for the further study of PE or sports science courses as well as other related subject areas such as psychology, sociology and biology. Students will develop the transferable skills that are in demand by further education, higher education and employers in all sectors of industry. The course aims to create confident, independent thinkers and effective decision makers who can operate effectively as individuals or as part of a team – all skills that will enable them to stand out and effectively promote themselves as they progress through life. We advise that students looking to take GCSE PE as an option will have represented the school regularly in two or more sports or will participate in sport outside of school hours to a high standard. This course is 60% theory with an emphasis on applied anatomy and physiology and sports psychology.

Students will sit two written exam papers, each worth 30% of the final GCSE PE grade. The final 40% is a practical activity assessment.
Paper 1 - examines applied anatomy and physiology and physical factors affecting performance.
Paper 2 - examines socio-cultural influences, sports psychology, health, fitness and well-being.
Practical activity assessment - evaluating and analysing performance and performance in physical education.

Progression/Further Study
AS/A2 Level PE, AS/A2 biology (if you have taken GCSE science), BTEC Level 3 in Sport/Nutrition, Level 3 course in leisure or recreation, Level 3 course in Public Services. Degree in Sports and Exercise Science. Students often combine sports courses with management courses.