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Religious Education

RE is about people. What do people believe? Why do people believe? How can we explain our world? Why do people suffer? How do people respond to issues in our world? How and why do people forgive?

RE is an opportunity to explore and try to understand the diversity of beliefs in our world.

The Religious Education programme aims to develop citizenship and raise our students’ awareness of their place in today’s world. Students study Religion and Life plus a wide range of topics so that they understand the responsibilities that they have for themselves and others. Topics studied include:

  • Belief in God – Why? Why not? Freewill, miracles and evil.
  • Matters of life and death – abortion, euthanasia, the paranormal and beliefs in the afterlife.
  • Marriage and the family – adultery, cohabitation, faithfulness and the importance of family.
  • Community cohesion – discrimination, sexism, multi faith society and legislation on rights

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