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Exam Timetable Year 10 Mocks
January/February 2016

Day Date Subject Time Length of exam Location
Monday am25/01/2016Physics0900-10.001h Sports Hall 
Access  (+25%)1h 15E14
Monday pm25/01/2016History13.00-14.151h 15mSports Hall
Access  (+25%)1h 34mE14
Tuesday  am26/01/2016English GCSE0900-10.451h 45mSports Hall 
Access  (+25%)2h 11mE14
Tuesday pm26/01/2016PE1.30-3.001h 30mSports Hall
Access  (+25%)1h 53mE14
Wednesday am27/01/2016Maths GCSE09.00-10.451h 45mSports Hall
Access  (+25%)2h 11mE14
Wednesday pm27/01/2016Geography13.00-14.001h  Sports Hall
Access  (+25%)1h 15mnE14
Thursday am28/01/2016Maths GCSE09.00-10.451h 45mSports Hall
Access  (+25%)2h 11mE14
Thursday pm28/01/2016Biology13.00-14.00 1hSports Hall 
Access  (+25%)1h 15E14
Friday am29/01/2016Chemistry09.00-10.00 1h Sports Hall 
Access  (+25%)1h 15E14
Friday pm29/01/2016ICT13.00-15001h 30mSports Hall 
Access  (+25%)1h 53mE14
Monday am01/02/2016Religious Studies0900-10.001h Bleacher
Access  (+25%)1h 15mE14
Monday pm01/02/2016Business Comms Unit 813.15-14.151h Bleacher
Access  (+25%)1h 15mE006
Tuesday  am02/02/2016Dance0900-10.001h Bleacher
Tuesday  am02/02/2016Computer Science0900-11.002hBleacher
Access  (+25%)2h 30mE006
Tuesday pm02/02/2016Child Development13.15-14.301h 15 mE14
Wednesday am03/02/2016Art DesignAll Day Art Rooms
Wednesday pm03/02/2016Art DesignAll Day Art Rooms
Thursday am04/02/2016Product Design09.00-11.002hBleacher
Access  (+25%)2h 30mE14
Thursday pm04/02/2016Business  Practical unit 913.00-14.301h 30m2x ICT rooms needed
Friday am05/02/2016Spanish Reading/Listening Foundation0900-10.401h 40mBleacher
  Spanish Reading/Listening Higher09.00-10.401h 40mE014
Friday pm05/02/2016Health and Social Care13.15-14.451h 30mBleacher
Access  (+25%)1h 53mE006