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Year 11 Exam Timetable 2016

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Title Date Start Time Location
Drama Weds 27th April9.00amDrama
IGCSE EnglishTues 3rd May1.15pmSports Hall
Business and Communication Systems Unit 9Fri 6th May9.00amICT Rooms
Art & DesignThu/Fri 11-12th MayAll day x 2Art Rooms
Functional Skills MathsMon-Fri 9-13th MayTBCE13
Understanding the Hair and Beauty SectorMon 16th May9.00amICT Room
Travel & Tourism (Y10)Mon 16th May9.00amBleacher
Religious Studies EthicsMon 16th May9.00amBleacher
Religious Studies Ethics 2Mon 16th May10.00amBleacher
Biology Unit 1 Tues 17th May1.15pmSports Hall 
Health and Social Care Human Lifespan DevelopmentWeds 18th May9.00amE13
Food and Cookery Level 1Weds 18th May9.00amE13
Chemistry Unit 1 Thurs 19th May9.00amSports Hall
BTEC The Music IndustryThurs 19th May1.15pmE13
Spanish Unit 1 H/F Listening Fri 20th May9.00amBleacher/E13
Spanish Unit 3 H/F Reading Fri 20th May9.45amBleacher/E13
The theory of PEFri 20th May1.15pmBleacher
English Literature 1Mon 23rd May9.00amSports Hall
Geography Spec B Unit 1 Tues 24th May1.15pmBleacher
Physics Unit 1 Weds 25th May1.15pmSports Hall
Mathematics A Paper 1 Thurs 26th May9.00amSports Hall
Mathematics A 1 Thurs 26th May9.00amSports Hall
English Literature 2Fri 27th May9.00amSports Hall
History B Paper 1 Public Health in BritainMon 6th June9.00amSports Hall
English/English Language Unit 1Tues 7th June9.00amSports Hall
Priciples of Computer ScienceWeds 8th June9.00amBleacher
Geography Spec B Unit 2 Weds 8th June1.15pmSports Hall
Mathematics A Paper 2Thurs 9th June9.00amSports Hall
Mathematics A 2 Thurs 9th June9.00amSports Hall
Biology Unit 2Fri 10th June9.00amSports Hall 
Biology Unit 3Fri 10th June10.00amSports Hall 
Functional Skills MathsMon-Fri 13-17th JuneTBCE13
Child DevelopmentMon 13th June1.15pmBleacher
History B Paper 2 Germany 1918-1945Tues 14th June1.15pmSports Hall
Religious Studies Philosophy 1Weds 15th June9.00amBleacher
Religious Studies Philosophy 2Weds 15th June10.00amBleacher
Chemistry Unit 2Weds 15th June1.15pmSports Hall
Chemistry Unit 3Weds 15th June2.15pmSports Hall
Physics Unit 2Fri 17th June9.00amSports Hall
Physics Unit 3Fri 17th June10.00amSports Hall
Health and Social CareFri 17th June1.15pmSports Hall 
Further Maths Non-calculatorMon 20th June9.00amSports Hall
Business and Communication Systems Unit 8Mon 20th June1.15pmSports Hall
History B Paper 3 Impact of War 1903-1954Tues 21st June9.00amSports Hall
Further Maths CalculatorFri 24th June9.00amBleacher
Design and Technology:Product Design Unit 1Mon 27th June9.00amBleacher