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Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable

29th February – 30th March 2016

* AA students in E013

Summer 2016 Exam timetable available here

DateSessionSubjectTimeLocation *
Monday 29th February  


amScience A B1
Add Science B1& B2 & Triple B2
Sports Hall
Sports Hall
Monday 29th FebruarypmEnglish Literature 113.15-14.45Sports Hall
Tuesday 1st MarchamiGCSE Maths 10900-11.00Sports Hall
Tuesday 1st MarchamMaths Paper 10900-10.45  Sports Hall
Tuesday 1st MarchpmHistory Germany 1918-194513.15-14.30Sports Hall
Wednesday 2nd MarchamEnglish0900-11.15Sports Hall
Wednesday 2nd MarchamiGCSE English0900-11.00Sports Hall
Wednesday 2nd MarchpmBusiness Unit 813.15-14.45Sports Hall
Thursday 3rd MarchamiGCSE Maths 20900-11.00Sports Hall
Thursday 3rd MarchamMaths Paper 20900-10.45Sports Hall
Thursday 3rd MarchpmHistory 3 Impact of War13.15-14.30Sports Hall
Friday 4th MarchamScience A& Add P1
Triple P2
0900-10.00 10.00-11.00Sports Hall
Sports Hall
Friday 4rd MarchpmEnglish Literature 213.15–14.30Sports Hall
Monday 7th MarchamScience A& Add C1 Triple C20900-10.00 10.00-11.00Bleacher
Monday 7th MarchpmGeography Paper 113.15-14.15Bleacher
Tuesday 8th MarchamGCSE Product Design09.00-11.00Bleacher
Tuesday 8th MarchpmGCSE PE13.15-14.45Bleacher
Wednesday 9th MarchamGeography – Paper 29.00-11.00Bleacher
Wednesday 9th MarchpmChild Development13.15-14.45E013
Wednesday 9th MarchpmRE B60013.15-14.15Bleacher
Thursday 10th MarchamComputer Science0900-11.00Bleacher


Thursday 10th MarchamHealth and Social Care0900-10.00Bleacher


Thursday 10th MarchpmSpanish Reading H/F13.15-14.05E013/Bleacher


Thursday 10th MarchpmSpanish Listening H
Spanish Listening F


Friday 11th MarchamRE B601,6020900-1100Bleacher


Friday 11th MarchpmBusiness Unit 913.15-14.45ICT Room x2


Monday 14th MarchamMusic0900-10.00Bleacher


Thursday 17th MarchAll dayDramaAll dayDrama Room


Wednesday 30th MarchAll dayArt & DesignAll dayArt Room


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