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The Oakwood Academy News

The Oakwood Academy Sports Day

On Wednesday 20th July we held The Oakwood Academy Sports Day. A fantastic day of sports with all participants competing for their House with honour in field and track events.

Final results:


Certus 1st
Robus 2nd
Virtus 3rd
Animus 4th


Well done to Certus, Mr Watkins, Mr Wright and House Captain, Levi, (C4).


The Oakwood Academy Expressive Performing Arts Evening

On Friday 8th July the Expressive Arts hosted a fantastic evening for friends and family.

To start with Our Year 9 GCSE dancers took to the stage for the first time as a group. The performance to Bruno Mars 'Runaway' was choreographed by the students who have worked very hard over to develop their choreographic and performance skills over this academic year.

Following a brief musical interlude parents and friends were guided around the grounds of Oakwood to uncover a dark story of death and deception.

The students performed DNA by Dennis Kelly in the style of promenade theatre in which the audience moves amongst the action that takes place within a defined space with minimal props and that echoes the medieval performances in town centres and through city streets. Promenade demands real commitment from the audience and control from the actors in order to direct the audience’s attention towards where the next scene is going to take place. Mrs Johnson said the year nine pupils certainly achieved this, performed professionally and at an incredibly high standard. Their projection and characterisation was developed throughout the rehearsal process concluding in an accomplished piece of theatre, enjoyed by all. Well done year nine.

The GCSE Art final exhibition truly showcased some of the best and most exciting work we have produced. Pupils are looking forward to record results in Art and the quality, finish and imagination on show was something to behold.

Finally we all gathered ourselves to enjoy the Music into the night. The students performed a variety of music from piano solos, popular music and heavy metal to an engaged audience who witnessed live music throughout. All pupils performed to an excellent standard outside in our amphitheatre which was a new experience to us all but worth every minute. The whole of the music department was proud to see many of our pupils developing their music skills and performing confidently and finishing off a wonderful evening.

All in all a brilliant end to a wonderful year in Expressive Arts.


The Oakwood Academy Food Fair

On Saturday 2nd July, The Oakwood Academy held its first Food Festival.

The event was a great success with stallholders ranging from Tesco’s, Nottingham City Catering, Team Ollie, Pasta King and the Warren Action Group.

Thankfully the weather held off for The Oakwood Academy Choir and Dance Group to perform outside to the community. The bouncy castle was always busy along with our fruit tasting stall. The closing event was our very own staff Ready Steady Cook session with three teams of two. A minor technical hiccup did not stop the winning team of Miss Hough and Miss Duke.

Overall, a great day for the community.

The school and the PTA welcome you all again. Future dates to follow.


Duke of Edinburgh Expedition 

This weekend 14 of our year 10 pupils completed and passed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition.

Congratulations to all students, we are all very proud of you and thank you to all staff who supported them this weekend.


Rocket from a Rocket!

The Silver Crest Award is six weeks into the course with students expected to complete 30 hours of independent learning.
On Tuesday 19th April students started the Rocket from a rocket session following the school's link to Tim Peake in space.


Student Quotes

Amelia - "I started the Crest award because it sounded exciting and I love Chemistry"

Holly - "I couldn't miss this opportunity because it will help me in the future as I want to study science"

Aidan - "I enjoy science especially Chemistry, the Crest award sounded interesting"

Miss Wheeler, Crest Award leader - "I love space!"



Murder at Oakwood!

For British science week this year we chose the theme of forensic science. So, of course with this came the need for a crime. Miss Afford, Previously of the science department was murdered in an unfortunate incident, all that was left were a few crumbs to follow. Over the course of the week our Oakwood detectives helped piece the puzzle together of how the crime happened. On Monday morning the crime scene was photographed and evidence collected for students to analyse over the course of the week. Monday lunch time the students learnt about DNA coding. With this knowledge they were able to make bracelets from the DNA coding of their name.


Tuesday's group were testing blood that had been collected from the crime scene. There are 3 suspects and the victim that it will be tested against. They ruled out the victim’s blood and found the blood to be the same type as Mr Lowry. One piece of evidence against him but more is needed.


After close inspection of the victim, there was a lead that she may have been poisoned. So students carried out a toxicology test on the cake she had been eating shortly before she was found. Sure enough the students found this to be positive. So now they know how the murder was carried out.

The bottle that the poison is in was tested for finger prints. Finger prints were found and students compare them to suspects and also tested different methods of gaining fingerprints for evidence. Again Mr Lowry was found to be a match… Not looking good for him!

Lastly, a note left a crime scene reading "catch me if you can" was tested using a method called chromatography. Pens from the suspect's desk were taken and tested against the ink from the letter. This also matched Mr Lowry's pen from his desk.

Mr Lowry later admitted to the crime, part of his statement read "it was me, I had wanted her job at Oakwood for some time. I was told of her love for cake and I jumped at my chance."

There was a science bake-off held on Thursday which Megan (V5) won, winning her 50 vivos and a £10 Victoria centre voucher

We also had Professor Sarah Hainsworth, professor of materials and forensic engineering, from the university of Leicester give a talk on her part of the King Richard (III) excavation that happened in a carpark in Leicester.

World Book Day

On Thursday 3rd March we celebrated World Book Day like many other schools across the country, it is a special day where all things book related are celebrated. At lunch time we opened our doors and welcomed the Oakwood students into the Library to take part in a special World Book Day Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner quiz. The aim of the game was to guess the book character by using the clues on their place setting, we had guests such as Homer Simpson and his donuts, Matilda and her pancakes, Greg Heffley and his mouldy cheese and Willy Wonka and his everlasting gobstopper. We had a lot of entries and everyone did really well, but our first, second and third prizes went to:

1st - Deegii (R4)

2nd - Jordan (V4)

2nd - Alyssa (C8)

3rd - Lauren (C10)

All the winners received a certificate, vivo prize and an Easter egg.


Quad Games Results

The Oakwood Academy came second overall in the quad games with many excellent individual and team performances. Below is a picture of the whole team. Please thank all those who represented the Academy in tutor time. Also my thanks goes to Mr Pitman, Miss Jones and Mr Eddyshaw for giving time up to go to the event and all their time working with students leading up to it. We were very proud of our students performances and behaviour on the night, they have done us all proud.


Netball 1st (C Jones)

Rugby 2nd (D Burrows)

Handball 2nd (K Eddyshaw)

Table tennis 2nd (T Pitman)


The Oakwood Academy Rugby Team Quad Academy Games

Brilliant performances from all involved. The Oakwood Academy came in second in this activity. Well done to all staff and students who helped achieve this fantastic result.